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General Committee Meeting
Drapers' Hall
Details 19 Jun 2017
OBs' Day 2017
Bancroft's School
Details 02 Jul 2017
General Committee Meeting
Bancroft's School, Warner Room
Details 11 Sep 2017
Business Breakfast
Gherkin Building, 30 St Mary Axe
Details 27 Sep 2017 (£ TBA)
OBA Northern Dinner 2017
Llyndir Hall, Rossett
Details 07 Oct 2017 £30.00
OBA Annual Dinner
Bancroft's School
Details 20 Oct 2017 (£ TBA)
Lord's Lunch
Long Room, Lord's Cricket Ground
Details 01 Dec 2017 (£ TBA)
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Welcome to The Old Bancroftians Association
This Website is intended to help the Association meet its main objective of enabling former pupils of Bancroft's School to keep in touch with each other and the School.


OBA Newsletter May 2017

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Crofton Singers 1950

Many thanks to Don Gugan (OB 1941-48) regarding the Croftons concert photo published  in the May newsletter, 
The men from left to right are: Geoff Crome (OB1939-47), Alan Campbell, Keith Campbell (no relation), Victor Thomas (later a conductor of Croftons for a couple of years or so), 'Maggie' Taylor (brother of Brian Taylor, I am fairly sure about him), then myself Don Gugan (OB 1941-48), all basses; and on the right are tenors: Rodbard (I am fairly sure), Nigel Tilley, then a guess – Trevor Griffiths, or Fred Lowe perhaps, they were certainly both singing with Croftons in the Trafalgar Square carol photo on the Croftons web site which I expect that you know.
The girls, if you should want to know are, from l to r: Diané Wickerson (conductor, m. Dennis Collinson), Beryl Prior, Brenda King (all altos); and on the rhs: Jean Cousins, Clare Wall (m. Michael Hawkins), Marjorie Jones, Janice Pringle, and finally Peggy Holmear.
Don belives the occasion was Nov. 1950 ± a couple of months.

OBA Past Presidents Dinner 2017

The OBA  Annual Past Presidents Dinner was held on 28th April 2017 at Bancrofts School

Standing left to right:  Steve Thirsk,;  Steve Dodd ( Guest ),;  Siggy Mensah,;  Amanda Campbell,; Steve Sonnis,;  Gordon Brown,;  Julian Blake,;  Paul Corney,;  Peter Dixon,;  Sir Neil MacFarlane,;  Peter Warner,;  Martin Sumner,;  Geoffrey Smeed,; Simon Marshall, Head Master, (Guest),;  Tom Auber,;  Kevin Campbell,;  Merf Jones,;  Jeremy Bromfield,:
Seated left to right:  Geoff Crome,;  John Hollis,;  Harry Sternschuss,;  Steve Ferrari,;  David Giles,;  Dick Shervington,;  Rodney Matthews.:
In addiiton to the group photo there was also a special 1974  group of past presidents
The 1974 year group  left to right:  Paul Corney,;  Gordon Brown,;  Steve Ferrari,;  Julian Blake,.

Welcome to the new OBA Chairman 

Amanda Campbell (OBA 1979-83)

It is with great pleasure that I can introduce your new Chairman (or should that be Chairperson) Amanda Campbell who took over from me from the beginning of April. Amanda has been a stalwart of the OBA having previously served as secretary for many years and also recently as only our second lady president. I hope that she enjoys her new role and I look forward to supporting her as the OBA continues to develop. I would also like to take this oppirtunity to thank all those I have worked with over the last 6 years and to continue to be an active supporter of the association , foundation and school - Steve Dodd (OB 1972-79)

Nick Bowman (OB1972-79)

Meet the new OBA President 2017-18

I arrived at Bancroft’s in September 1972 a day boy and member of North House, and departed seven years later in 1979 having finished my time as a boarder and member of School House.  So my experience of the School was somewhat different to most, but one that I remember with deep affection.  On my last day, the headmaster’s wife  passed comment that “The school will miss your music wafting across the quad” – my room had faced the chapel and evidently I didn’t know where the volume control was on my record player.  Although I was never much of a sportsman, I was pleased to earn my Colours for Cross-Country, and somewhat amused or bemused when I returned many years later to see it had been down-graded to ‘minor-sport’, half colours.  Oh well, it felt good at the time.  After completing my degree in Economics and Politics at Exeter University, I made the less than obvious step of becoming a PR in the car industry…firstly at the ill-fated Austin-Rover and then at Nissan.  I’ve remained in the communications business all my career, subsequently working for some of the larger PR businesses directing global communications programmes for the likes of UPS and TNT, before leaving to set up my own business which has specialised in communications for creative businesses – design, advertising, architectural and branding consultancies.  To say it is niche would be an understatement, but some of the projects have been quite high profile including an exhibition at the Design Museum and one that took me through the doors of 10 Downing Street just before last year’s referendum (I’m not saying panic was in the air, but beds were being brought in so that everyone could work 24 hours a day).  I have greatly enjoyed volunteering – this led me to  perform in the Industrial Revolution of the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in front of an audience of 3 three billion, marshalling for the Tour de France, and there’s a chance you’ll see me at this year’s World Athletics Championships later this year, as well as the Winter Olympics in Korea in 2018.
My contact with the school continued with regular attendances at OB events, especially the annual OB dinner which always seems a great way of catching up with old friends.  In fact I enjoyed it so much that I became responsible for organising it.  I passed my affection for the school on to my son Fred who joined in 2006, became Head of the CCF, Deputy Head of House, achieved his Gold DoE Award and is now studying German and Scandinavian Studies at Edinburgh University.
But this was not the only link with the school I have retained – I met my partner Anne at the school gates when her daughter Katherine Stevens (2006 – 2013) and Fred were off on the school ski trip together.  By some coincidence, Anne is the sister of classmate Paul Fitzpatrick, and also of Clare Grimsell (1981-1988) , and Martin Fitzpatrick (1978 -1985) who both had accomplished Bancrofts school careers.  My nieces Martha and Josie Grimsell are currently at Bancrofts, so there is always a good reason to walk through the hallowed archway to attend another school event.
I’ve been a passionate believer in everything the School stands for, and as OB President my hope is that I can inspire greater links between the Old Bancroftian Association and the local community.  Additionally, I would like to encourage much greater involvement of younger OB’s in the OBA – fresh blood will bring fresh ideas and new directions which can only be good for us as a community in the future.  May I heartily encourage everyone to post their personal and professional achievements on the OB Facebook page, as that is a very visible way showing what a vibrant and successful group we are.






International Rugby and Football 

BRFC will be open for the Autumn Internationals
OBA members welcome
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